Divorce is near the top of the list of traumatic life events that a person can experience. If your relationship is in jeopardy, about to fall apart, and you believe that Divorce or Separation is your best option, we want to help you make that critical personal decision. For many people, Divorce is the best solution to relationship problems. However, for others, alternate dispute resolution is an excellent way to salvage a relationship and preserve a family unit.

When there are minor children in the picture, every effort must be made to ensure that difficult parental solutions to relationship problems also meet their needs successfully. Emotions and anger sometimes interfere with sound judgment, which is another reason why you need to seek consul about relationship matters from an experienced Miller Law attorney.

Miller Law

Founded by Attorney Kristopher Miller in 2012, Miller Law offers comprehensive Divorce and Family Law legal services to people from Colorado Springs and nearby cities of Pueblo, Castle Rock, Denver and Canon City, as well as surrounding counties. We help clients understand legal processes they must endure, and we are always available to answer questions from our clients about their legal matters.

Our approach is to provide highly customized legal services by working closely with clients. We offer affordable fees for consultation, representation, mediation, case preparation, and litigation. At Miller Law, we believe everyone has the right to fair and competent legal assistance when they need it.

Attorney Kristopher Miller

With a background in public service, Attorney Kristopher Miller gained valuable hands-on experience as an Assistant Deputy District Attorney in Colorado. He then practiced Domestic Relations and Personal Injury Law with the largest Colorado Springs law firm before opening his own law firm, Miller Law, also located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

Our law firm offers personalized Divorce and Family Law legal services to clients. We work with clients on all aspects of Divorce, from start to finish. Typical problems our Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney helps solve include:

  • Divorce/Separation
  • Child Custody/Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Post-Decree Modifications
  • Visitation
  • Relocation
  • Adoption/Step Parenting

El Paso Divorce Attorney

In addition to traditional matters people must decide upon during a Divorce, we are experienced with handling Military Divorces and property division. Our Front Range and El Paso Divorce Attorney has helped clients deal with the complex financial issues that arise during a divorce or separation, including discovery of hidden assents, allocation of military pension assets and other matters that couples must resolve.

We offer many affordable legal solutions to relationship problems, including unbundled Divorce services and Flat Fee options for Divorce actions. Get the legal representation you need from Miller Law, Colorado Springs, CO. Call to learn more from Attorney Kristopher Miller, at (719) 466-7381.