Child Custody Disputes

For some families, Custody Disputes are the most difficult legal matters to solve. Emotions, anger and resentment towards the other party often interfere with sound judgment that parents should have when making decisions that are in the best interests of their minor children. At Miller Law, our Colorado Springs Child Custody Lawyer is experienced helping clients resolve Custody Disputes by providing wisdom and sound legal advice.

Miller Law

Miller Law was founded by Attorney Kristopher Miller in 2012, with a focus on Family Law, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense legal services. We offer affordable rates, including Flat Fee Divorce and unbundled legal services to those who want to handle part of their divorce case on their own.

Our attorneys and Colorado courts place emphasis upon making sure that minor children also receive the care, support and attention they deserve. We work with couples to resolve Custody Disputes and other elements that impact children, like Support, Visitation and Relocation. Our mission is to help clients and minor children get the best possible outcome from a life-changing event like Divorce or Separation.

Attorney Kristopher Miller

With his strong public service background as a Colorado Deputy District Attorney, and in-depth experience handling Domestic Relations and Personal Injury cases before opening Miller Law, Attorney Kristopher Miller is very adept at helping people create solutions to their unique Family Law problems. He knows it benefits minor children when parents work together to create personalized solutions that also serve the children’s best interests.

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

We also offer consultation and legal representation for Military Divorces. Our Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney has the experience and understanding needed to help members of the Military resolve their unique problems, including complex jurisdictional issues about deployment matters, protection of security clearances, and division of pay and assets.

El Paso Custody Attorney

Our El Paso Custody Attorney also serves people from surrounding Front Range counties, including Pueblo, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, and Arapahoe Counties. Our Divorce services include helping clients make important decisions about critical issues from start finish, including Child Custody Disputes, Child Support Modifications, Visitation and other post-decree matters.

Colorado Springs Custody Lawyer

At Miller Law, we believe that diligent foresight and preparedness should drive every case. From the beginning, we work closely with clients to determine and achieve the results our clients want to achieve. Child Custody arguments are fueled by emotion and sometimes anger, so our goal is to offer an unbiased professional opinion to help clients make difficult decisions, leaving those contentious feelings out of their final agreements.

Find out how Miller Law can help you get past Child Custody Disputes and other Family Law problems. Contact Miller Law, in Colorado Springs, CO, to discuss your concerns today. Call us now, at (719) 466-7381.