Are You Ready for Divorce – Process Duration

Being ready for divorce requires a lot of soul searching.  On an emotional level, there are complex moving pieces that are difficult, often impossible, to understand on a rational level.  Although attorneys are not very helpful with the emotional decision making process, they are good at analyzing your current and future life.

When you are working with an attorney, their focus will be the pragmatic reality of your situation.  In addition to identifying property interests and indebtedness as it exists now, they will also forecast your financial future to ensure that your post-divorce life is as insulated from financial trauma as possible.  One of the primary concerns you may have is with duration of the process.

In Colorado Springs, and the greater Colorado, Courts allow parties to reach a fair and reasonable property division through agreement.  If an agreement cannot be reached, however, the Court will divide property, typically, at a final orders hearing.  Absent agreement, you will be forced to await availability on the Court’s docket and, depending on your jurisdiction, your wait time can be anywhere between approximately three and twelve months.  Even uncontested cases take at least 91 days due to Colorado’s cooling off period (14-10-106), and the legislator occasionally considers extension of that period.  (Denver Post).

Naturally, planning is very important.  There is a stark difference between being in flux for three months versus twelve months.  An attorney can help you forecast how long your particular case may be.  Miller Law is here to provide guidance.